lnformation on the processing of personal data

The information is provided pursuant to arts. 13 ss. EU Regulation 2016/679 "on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 I EC (General Regulation on data protection)" to site visitors web www.macelleriabalestri.it

The information is provided exclusively for the above mentioned site and not for other sites reachable through links on the site in question.

1. Data Controller and Data Protection Officer

The holder of the processing of personal data is

Davide Balestri


+39 0587 684208


2. Treatment

With reference to the data processed, the www.macelleriabalestri.it website informs that: (if any)

  1. the processing of personal data is finalized EXCLUSIVELY to the management of information relating to the request and organization of guided tours;
  2. no data will be used for purposes other than what was stated in the previous point nor transferred to third parties;
  3. the treatment is carried out with telematic and I or manual tools;
  4. failure to provide some or all of the requested data may result in non-operation and I or non delivery of certain services of the site;
  5. the data will be processed by the person in charge of the above mentioned processing, which ensures levels of experience, capacity and reliability that ensure compliance with the current provisions on data processing, including data security;
  6. the data processed are subject to the law on the right of access, with the methods and limits set by the laws in force.


3. Rights of the interested party

lnterested parties have the right to request from the Owner of the site access to personal data, rectification or cancellation of the same or the limitation of processing that concerns them or to oppose the treatment (Article 15 of EU Regulation 2016/679). The request is presented by contacting the Data Controller.

Also having recourse to the conditions, they have the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, as the supervisory authority and the right of appeal to the judicial authority.

Use of cookies

The site uses cookies to improve the experience of use of the site and provide additional services useful to organize the operation of the site. This document provides detailed information on the use of cookies, how they are used by and on the possibilities for the user to manage them and I or limit their use.

lnformation on cookies and their use

The site www.macelleriabalestri.it uses "cookies", small text files that are stored by the browser (the program used for navigation) on the user's device (computer, tablet, smartphone) to provide additional services to the normal use of the site (maps, language selection, statistics ...).

The information stored in cookies is generated by the server hosting the site and can be recalled every time the site is visited by the user even later on.

Cookies are currently used by almost all websites as they are essential to provide some types of services to the user, as well as to collect anonymous statistical information about visits in order to allow the improvement of the content and experience of visiting users.

They can also be used to memorize some operations performed by the user on a previous visit in order to speed up some operations or present the most suitable options during any subsequent visits Cookies can be used:

  1. to remember preferences
  2. to remember the data entered in a form
  3. to allow you to share pages and content on social networks
  4. to allow those who manage the site to have statistical information, such as the number of visitors, geographical origin, the most visited pages, browsers or devices used.

Cookies are not dangerous for the security of the device, they are not executable programs and cannot be a virus vehicle. Moreover they cannot in any way personally identify the user who is making the visit.

Types of cookies used

The www.macelleriabalestri.it website uses three types of cookies:

  1. session cookie
  2. analytical cookie
  3. third-party cookies

Session cookies

Session cookies are essential to manage authentication to restricted areas and do not affect site visitors but only administrators responsible for managing content. These are stored on the user's computer exclusively for the duration of the session and are automatically deleted from the computer when the browser is closed.

Session cookies allow you to navigate from one page to another without the user being forced to log in repeatedly.


Analytical cookies

For statistical purposes to monitor site pages we use Google Analytics, Google service that does not allow the storage of any personal data. The information belongs to Google, is stored on their servers and can be consulted by the administrators of our site.

Google analytical cookies have a variable duration: some can be destroyed at the end of the session, others may have a duration that lasts up to a maximum of two years. You can consult the terms of service of Google Analytics.

Analytical cookies can be disabled by the user, without any consequence on the usability of the site. You can disable Google Analytics cookies, using the opt-out add-in provided by Google for the main browsers.


Third-party cookies

On the site may be present buttons that allow you to share content on various socia I networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus, or Youtube videos. Clicking on the sharing button or YouTube video player may cause these companies to send cookies to the visitor's device.

  1. Facebook privacy policy
  2. Twitter privacy policy
  3. Google I Youtube privacy policy


Disable cookies

The consent to the use of cookies can be denied through the browser settings. The use of the site will still be guaranteed, if not authenticated.

Following are some information on disabling cookies in the main browsers currently available. We recommend however to consult the specific documentation of the browser, always available in a special program menu under the heading Help/ Help to be sure to carry out the operation in the correct way. In addition, the information below may change over time due to updates of the browsers described.

Internet Explorer

click on tools

click on internet options

choose the privacy tab

move the slider to choose the desired level of privacy clicking on advanced you can access further options

Google Chrome

click on tools click on settings

click on advanced

scroll to privacy and then click on content settings,

choose your favorite settings

Mozilla Firefox

click on menu

click on preferences

click on privacy

choose your favorite settings for cookies and tracking


click on preferences

click on advanced

click on cookies,

choose your favorite settings

Apple Safari

click on preferences

click on privacy

choose the preferred settings for cookies

Delete cookies

At any time you can decide to completely delete cookies previously saved on your device and accumulated during the consultation of all websites visited. We recommend doing this with caution and taking great care to select the right option. An incorrect use of this possibility could lead to the loss of important data previously stored.

Below are instructions to delete ALL cookies from all websites consulted so far .Some browsers allow you to individually select cookies to be permanently deleted.

Internet Explorer

click on "Internet options" in the "tools" menu (or on the gear located at the top right).

in the "Internet Options" window and in the "General" panel click on "Delete..." in the "Browsing history" section.

in the options screen check ONLY the "cookies and website data" item and click on the "delete" button.

Google Chrome

from "History" click on "Clear browsing data..."

select only the "Cookies and other site and plug-in data" box and click "Clear browsing data"

Mozilla Firefox

Click on the "settings" gear icon in the home

in the "Options" window select the "Privacy" panel:

click on the "Show cookies..." button and then click on "Remove ali cookies".


click on "Opera" on the top left then click I select "settings" click on "Confidentiality & Security"

click on "All cookies and site data..." click on "Remove all"

Apple Safari

choose preferences from the Safari menu

click on privacy

click "Manage website data..."

click on "Remove all"