Butchery and charcuterie Balestri: the ancient knowledge of the Tuscan tradition

Before us, ancient butchers passed down the ‘secrets’ of meat production through many generations.
We have picked up the baton of this experience.

Ancient Butcher

Since before 1956, successive generations of Baroni’s managed this historical butcher.
Since 1956 has been handled by Ezio how kept the tradition of his ancient butcher’s family. Always attentive to the meats quality, he only purchased from trusted local farmers personally choosing the animals to be slaughter. This tradition continues by 1st July 1989 with Davide Balestri and his wife Federica.

Quality first

The safeguard of the traditional products and the guard of the secrets of the meat production are the keys of the characteristics of the business. The attention to local breeds is always the basis for the meat quality and typical cured meats with a unique and harmonious smell.

We are waiting for you...

We are waiting for you to savor the fruits of our labor: the tasty of the intense flavor of charcuteries, the famous Ezio’s Soppressata, the ready-to-cook products and the excellent steaks!

Macelleria Balestri appeared in the national broadcast Canale 5

From the ancient tradition of our work ...

On display at our butcher's shop some working tools dated from the 70s and that belonged to the famous Norcino Carpita of Lari (nicknamed the Moor).

... in search of new tastes and flavors: Salami with Lari Cherry

One of our recipes designed to enhance the territory and its cherry.

Ingredients and procedure:

coarsely chopped pork shoulder meat (60%) and pork belly (40%); the cubed lard is not added as in the Tuscan. Cherries in alcohol are added (as they are free of preservatives and do not alter the flavor) and “Festa” liqueur, which is a Lari liqueur made from cherries. Cherries and liqueur replace the wine that was originally put in salami. Once stuffed, it is stewed and seasoned for at least a month, then it is ready to be enjoyed.

Salami of a beautiful ruby ​​red color: you can't see cherries (if not a few small fragments) but you can feel a slight aftertaste of liqueur.