Raw material from selected farms

The basis of our work? In order to be sure to offer you healthy products, we make sure that animals are kept happy and healthy in a good place. A very simple secret... and easy to discover.

La Regina Farm

More than 650 head of cattle of the Limousine or Italian breeds, reared on hay and cereals non-genetically modified and produced every day into the farm.


Pigs are chosen only if they are born, raised fattened and slaughtered in Tuscany and in the nearest regions of central and north Italy. We use only fresh meat (shall not be used frozen meat or others maintenance treatments).


Only from local farms, you can find lamb traditionally consumed in the Easter period, but always available during the year in ours butcher.


The rabbit meat is representative of our tradition in the rural areas. With good nutritional proprieties, our rabbit meat is always from a safe and controlled origin, in accordance with the production rules of the farmers we use. In our butchers, you can find also local rabbit meat.

Free range poultry

Fed a natural diet of locally grown cereals and a free-range life, ensures the special taste of our white meats, making them more appetizing and savoury than other poultry kept in cages; not to mention the profound respect for their nature.