Lari, Pisa, Tuscany: the soul of a territory with its flavours

We are in a territory where taste, culture of beauty and good living are integral parts of a common mentality that is reflected in every activity, including food preparation.

Grape and Wine ruote

A good glass of wine and a steak? We are in a valuable and important wine production area (DOC, DOCG, IGT) that connect villages and cities such as San Miniato, Palaia, La Rotta, Peccioli, Lajatico, Terricciola, Lari, Crespina, Fauglia, Lorenzana, Casciana Terme, Chianni, Morrona, S. Gervasio.

Lari: Cherry-festival

Since 1957, from the end of May and the beginning of June, take place the traditional appointment Cherry-Festival: the most ancient, known and popular festival of the Pisan hills. On this occasion, Lari welcomes local producers market stalls, as well as delegations from other Italian cities that boast a prestigious production of cherries.

In honor of this tradition we have created Salami with Lari Cherries. Come and taste it!

Here it is produced Martelli’s pasta

Reflecting the strong vocation to the quality of this territory, Lari is also the headquarter of the Pasta Martelli production, already famous across national borders. In this case, as well as for Davide Balestri Butcher and other companies, the receipt is always the same: family, passion and tradition.

Pasta Martelli can also be found on sale at our butcher shop!

Close to Busti’s dairy

In this case as well the quality is predominant. Quoting: «The peculiar physical and chemical proprieties and the high hygiene standard of the stalls, enable us to process this precious milk, also for the raw milk process

Lari: Castle of Vicars

From 1289 the castle, with ancient origin, was the theatre of the bitter struggle between the Republic of Florence and the Republic of Pisa. The Castle was then the home of Vicari, governors and members of the aristocratic families of Florence (Medici, Pitti, Peruzzi, Strozzi, Degl’Albizzi). The Castle has then hosted the Tuscan rulers (from Cosimo I Medici to Leopoldo II Asburgo). The more recent historical events gave rise to the legend of his ghost.

(It can be visited)

Pisa, Tuscany

We are just a few kilometers from Pisa, one of the best city of Tuscany. His famous square has been on Unesco World Heritage List since December 1987, as a model of creativity of the medieval architecture and Italian painting of the XIV e XV centuries.

Theatre of Silence

Easily reached by car from Lari, it is a natural amphitheater obtained from a natural cavity in the open country, close to the characteristic little town of Lajatico. Inaugurated in the 2006 from an idea of the famous Andrea Bocelli, originating in this small town, every July Theatre of Silence hosting numerous celebrities coming from all over the world, an event full of art in a landscape of rare beauty.

Where we are

Macelleria Davide Balestri Via Trento e Trieste 6, 56035 Lari (PISA) - TUSCANY - ITALY

Find Us. From Rome or Bologna: A1 Highway Milano-Napoli, exit at Firenze Signa; S.G.C. Firenze-Pisa-Livorno freeway in the direction of Pisa, exit at "Pontedera-Ponsacco"; follow the indications for Lari. From Livorno: S.G.C. Firenze-Pisa-Livorno freeway in the direction of Florence, exit at "Pontedera-Ponsacco"; follow the indications for Lari. From Genova: A12 Highway, exit at Pisa-Centro; S.G.C. Firenze- Pisa-Livorno freeway in  the direction of Firenze, exit at Pontedera-Ponsacco; follow the indications for Lari. From Florence: S.G.C. Firenze-Pisa-Livorno freeway in the direction of Pisa, exit at "Pontedera-Ponsacco"; follow the indications for Lari. Pisa Galileo Galilei airport 25 km. Firenze Peretola airport 60 km.

Right at the centre of the old bridge that leads to the Castle.